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Tips for Swapping Out Decor in the Fall: Day 1 of 10 days of fall vibes

September 20, 2023

10 Days of Fall Vibes begins!

It’s my FAVORITE season of the year so let’s do ten days of fall vibes together OK? OK. 

We’ll cover some decor, re-booting systems that help us align our values with the practical applications, some recipe ideas and more. 


On day 1, let’s do the great SWAP OUT. 

This simply means we go around the house making small swaps of textiles and accent pieces to bring the sights and feelings of fall into our homes. 

These are small switches that make a big impact when creating feelings of cozy. Think earthy tones, pumpkins, leaves, branches and warm textiles.

Here’s a list of easy swaps:

  • change out pillows to reflect the season
  • add earth toned vases to table and / or swap out greenery for leaves (faux or real)
  • add a few small pumpkins here and there in surprising places (by the cooktop, next to the sink, on a side table, in a bathroom, etc.)
  • During the summer I like to go minimal. In the fall, I do the opposite. Now is the time to put a big centerpiece on your island and have the candles burning. 

What is your favorite thing to swap in the fall? Show me! Tag me in your story if you post about it. 

Here is a list of all TEN ideas!

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