Inland Northwest native. Home coach. Author. Podcaster. Speaker. Wife to mountain man and doctor Erik. Mama to four incredible kids who remind me in every season that deep love, not perfection, is the goal. Daughter, sister, and aunt to family that has given me deep and strong roots for life.

Well hello friend!

What I share on this website is towards that end. I get really practical because we can talk about ideas all day long, but at the end of the day we want to know the HOW.

How do we get family dinners on the table every night? What games do we play? How do we design a space so it provides a functional space for family togetherness and makes us happy to be in it? How do we nurture a relationship with our spouse? How do we protect our kids against all of the digital harm? These are examples of topics I tackle to help you create a home that is not only solid, but ultimately CELEBRATED.

At the end of your life, what will matter? Who will be there? Who do you want to be there? What will you mean to them? Your stuff won’t go with you. Your long list of accomplishments won’t either.

God has given us families on this earth, and there is no greater work we will do, nor no greater impact we will have, than with those in our own homes. Aside from our spiritual journey, this is the pursuit worth our full attention and effort.

This message is HOPE. Hope that your family can thrive. Hope that you can change the trajectory of your family for generations. Hope that even if you didn’t have a strong family growing up, that you can be ground zero for your own. Hope that all of the little things you do matter deeply, even when results are not seen or known.

But it wasn’t until a friend of mine grabbed my shoulders one day, tears streaming down her face, that I began to realize that this gift of family I’d been given wasn’t just for me. Toddlers grabbing at our legs, she looked me squarely in the eyes and said, “You have to show me how to do this. I’ve never been shown. I don’t know how.” 

I knew that having a life-giving family growing up was a gift straight from God’s hand. I did nothing to deserve it. In fact, I often felt guilty about it. Why did I get to have this experience when so many others suffer in their families of origin? And yet, in that moment, I KNEW that this gift I was holding was to be shared. What had been passed down to me was to be passed on, and I was just the conduit of the message.

Family has always been my thing. In high school when others would want to ditch their parents, I’d invite mine to come sit with us. When I lived in the central mountains of Costa Rica for a year after college, my host family had four generations living under one roof. I remember thinking, “Now THIS is what I’m talking about!”

Growing up, my family was bedrock in my life -- loving me well, challenging me to rise to my potential, exposing me to faith and service beyond myself, and creating foundational pillars of tradition, heritage, celebration, and, above all, love.


Fun Facts
About Me

I was once in a plane that caught fire over the Atlantic ocean (and I’m still alive to tell about it).

People are my favorite. I never tire of hearing people’s stories and I love every single one, especially if it’s heard around a campfire. 

I love country line dancing and a good fall Hootenanny.

After I taught high school for some years, I went back to school to get my interior design degree so I could work from home with my kids while my husband was in residency.

Playing college soccer was a highlight, and so was coaching high school players when I taught (where I was also a Young Life leader - my husband and I LOVE Young Life).

The New Basics Cookbook taught me how to cook when I first got married, and I’ve been learning ever since.

I once climbed into my car at our local ski resort (in the fall) only to find a bear had let himself into the back seat. NOT LYING.

I’m a social homebody.
A fancy mountain girl.
A glitter loving gardener.
Contradictions are fun.

Learning new things and fresh ways of thinking light me up. Current new things: Beekeeping & Neuroscience

I read no less than five books at one time. I’m always reading something.
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