And what leads to unity in the family? The answer lies in the celebration of ALL aspects of home. I like to think of this as the “how” of a solid family life. 

I believe, more than ever, that there is a longing in our children for authentic connection, belonging, laughter, and celebration. To be truly known. One day we will want to look back at our grown children knowing that we held out hope, stood firm on love, and gave it everything we had.

For as long as I can remember I’ve always been about the team.

When I was in my teen years, I was the girl on the soccer field who stood in the middle of the circle shouting “If anybody can! We can!” These teammates were my best friends, and together we won a lot of games.

We weren’t better coached than anyone else out there, and we certainly weren’t as well trained. But we had one thing that made us special, one thing that set us apart and propelled us to places we never thought we could go: UNITY.

Whether we are talking about sports teams, marriage, family, or the workplace, unity is the one characteristic that will make or break a group of people.

There is no more important place than the family to seek unity. We can chase all manner of recognition, accolades, and praise, but this truth remains: No amount of success outside the home will make up for neglect inside the home.

For me personally, motherhood has been filled with the very best moments of life, and some of the hardest and most painful. My husband and I have made significant, gut-wrenching parenting decisions in these child-raising years. We've also celebrated some of the highest joys and most significant moments we’ve ever known on this same journey. It’s been both. Joy and hardship often ride tandem in this life, especially in parenting. 

This is why I coach.

 I know how hard it can be, and how lonely it can feel.

I also know how good and rich parenthood can be. How much unity can come when decision after decision after decision is made for the family, in celebration of home. I know that God has chosen us for our specific children, and them for us. And I know that the legacy we leave in our families will be the most important work we do on this earth.

It is worth the effort, it is worth pushing through the hard, and it is worth giving the best of our time, energy, and resources.

We are equipped, we are capable, we are courageous, we are

I want to take
back my family.

Let’s get started!

What do you do
as a home coach?

Coaching is different from counseling. While counseling often focuses on looking back in order to heal and move forward, and dives into problems on a deep level, my home-based coaching directs you towards the future with specific actions.

As a home coach I help you identify problems in the home, or issues that are difficult to solve. We then focus on practical strategies that will help you and your family move forward.

So what do you offer
as a home coach?

Any of these topics can be done one on one, or as a couple. I offer coaching in:


Whether you are stuck in negative patterns, need fresh approaches to dilemmas, could use a sounding board for troubleshooting issues with a particular child, or need help implementing systems that will help your family thrive, I help with all of these and more.


So much of our health as a family begins here in the marital relationship. Communication, intentionality, true connection, conflict resolution, and staying in love can all be sticking points that keep our marriage stuck. I can help with any of these and more.


We all know that well thought-out systems make our lives run much more smoothly. We waste less time, have decreased frustration, and have a plan for our days and weeks. In choosing this focus we will explore your home systems and troubleshoot areas that need attention.

cooking +
meal planning

Putting dinner on the table 365 days a year can be exhausting and feel like a weighty burden. In this focus we concentrate on effective and productive meal planning that will take the stress out of mealtime.

If you simply want to grow in basic cooking skills, this can also be chosen as the focus. We will cover knife skills, basic elements of cooking, helpful tips and tricks, and kitchen staples.


Most people value loving the spaces where they spend most of their lives - their home! In this focus we cover creatively re-thinking spaces, what changes create big impact, and how to create a design plan for your room based on your personal style.

leaving a legacy
that counts

In this focus we cover legacy - what it is, how to create it, and specific actions that lead to a legacy that matters. If you are wanting to focus on impact that will last beyond you, this is a great choice.

this is exactly what i need!


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