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Home Coach. Writer. Speaker. Podcaster. Jesus girl.
Problem solver. Self Taught Cook. Designer. Party thrower.

I’m Krista Gilbert.

Let’s change the world by impacting our homes.

Tired of making New Year’s Resolutions that don’t work?

The Five Most Important Decisions You Will Make This Year.

Join me in Resolved:

We’ll work together toward real and lasting change not just for this year, but for your life.

In love, that it changes us, transforms us, and heals us.

In family, that our intentional efforts create a generational legacy that live beyond us.

In home, who we are together is our true place of belonging.

In meaningful relationships, built through honesty, authenticity, and vulnerability.

In celebration, there is enough hard in the world, let’s become professional celebrators.

In courage, most of life will require us to overcome obstacles and exit comfort zones.

In purpose, we were each made to be world changers right where we are.

In the table, a space where the mundane becomes holy.

In priorities, our hours make up our days, and our days make up this one life.

In travel, our world was never meant to be small.

In Jesus, the most important decision we will ever make.

In all things may we choose daily to live well and love deeply.


I’m a reclaiming home coach, all-in speaker, mastermind retreat leader, passionate cook, interior design guru, Pacific Northwest mama of four, black diamond skier, and a woman who runs on the Bible, hairspray,  and a good lipstick.

I am passionate about celebrating home and creating a firm foundation for my family to stand on for generations.

I want to help YOU do the same.

We are celebrators of home, defenders of family.

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