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Resetting A Morning Routine In The Fall: Day 4 of 10 days of fall vibes

September 29, 2023


Re-setting our morning routine is one of the best things we can do in the fall to realign our values and initiate better patterns of health and wellness.

While I won’t fully go into it, there is some serious brain science behind WHY it’s a much better choice to start our day with things like movement, journaling, meditation / prayer, intentional planning over starting our day with our phones or with going straight to work.

I need to confess. This is a hard one for me. I’m not a morning person by nature. To have a morning routine, it requires self control and discipline. I have to set myself up for success by making pre-decisions because I’m way to prone to BLOW my morning routine. And I know better – I study this stuff!

Here’s the truth – in those first minutes of the day,

  • our health
  • our God
  • our sense of self
  • our peace of mind
  • our sanity
  • our mindset

deserve our attention.

Let’s INVEST in ourselves first so we can live with PURPOSEFULLY the rest of the day.



You begin your day with your alarm going off. You pick up your phone and spend the next 15-20 minutes scrolling. Your brain is filled with emails, texts, and social media feeds, which triggers feelings of anxiety, jealousy, FOMO and a negative mindset. You grab for your jug of coffee, take breakfast on the go or while scrolling your phone and off you go into your day.


You wake up to an alarm but leave your phone at the charging station. You spend 25 minutes moving your body. You sit down and journal, pray, spend some time prioritizing the day and what lies ahead. You write out something specific you are grateful for and one way to encourage another person that day. You grab the breakfast you planned during your meal planning prep and spend breakfast time talking to family or really tasting your food. You then pick up your phone and head off for your day.


Which scenario do you think will set you off to a better day? We know the answer, so why don’t we do it??? The morning police aren’t showing up busting us for not doing the second option. We won’t get in trouble.

Can I be blunt? No one cares what we do.

The real question here for you and for me is “Do we want to have a better life?”

Do we want to take control of our health? Because the cost is to US and OUR LIVES when we don’t. We pay the price for our own decisions – for better or worse.

There is an undeniable connection between:

  • Happiness
  • Productivity
  • Sense of control
  • Mindset and mood all day long

and how we first wake up.

SO- let’s re-boot together. Let’s spend the first 30 (or more) minutes of our morning on ourselves and execute our pre-decided morning routine.

On my website I have a Daily Dozen Checklist that I do everyday to keep myself accountable. I’ll link to it in stories if you want to use it too.

If we want to be centered, anchored people, this is the very first boundary we need to have.

How are you resetting your morning routine this fall?


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