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10 Ideas for Your Thanksgiving Holiday (that aren’t food)

November 19, 2022

I did a series on Instagram this year titled “10 Ideas for Thanksgiving.” These are not food ideas. They are other tips you can use that have to do with gathering, the table, and even mindset.

We all want our Thanksgiving to be special, and there are certain things we can do to be intentional about making this happen. Special moments often do not just come, they are made. This is part of living life on purpose, and it’s something I talk about all of the time in my coaching.

Here are my 10 ideas

#1: Make DIY Mulling Spices

Bring these as a hostess gift to Thanksgiving, put them as favors at the table, give to neighbors and friends, or simply simmer them on your stove.

#2: Play An Easy & Fun Holiday Game Everyone Can Play

This simple game requires very little prep and is fun for all ages. Simply divide the guests into teams and let them compete against each other doing these small challenges. You can download the game in my blog post.

#3: Write a Gratitude Letter

Thanksgiving reminds us to pause and meditate on what we are thankful for and why. Gratitude letters are well researched and are shown to make people happier for up to a month – for both the writer and the recipient. It’s worth the time!

#4: Make Pre-Decisions Before You Attend a Holiday Gathering

How we show up to a space matters. If we come with self control, a positive mindset, and strong boundaries, we will do well. If we come unprepared, triggers can happen quickly and we may not act according to our values and beliefs. Make pre-decisions about how you will act and speak, and enter your Thanksgiving holiday with confidence.

#5: Make A High End DIY Flower Arrangement

One way to save money and make a big statement on your holiday table is to create your own floral arrangement. It’s so easy and people will love that you made it!

#6: Download 90 conversation starters and use them at the table

Meaningful, fun, and heartfelt conversation leaves guests feeling full and happy when they leave the table. Sometimes we don’t know how to enter into more interesting conversations with one another at gatherings. Let these cards do the heavy lifting for you. You will learn interesting facts about your guests and it will give you even more to talk about in the future.

#7: 3 Ways to Fold Holiday Napkins

Folding napkins is one of those special touches that make a holiday feel different and magical. And it’s also a job you can give one of your kids to do, which is a bonus.

When it comes to the holidays, it’s often not the big things (though those are fun as well), but the many little touches we incorporate into the season. I have a video with this one!

#8: Set Up a Holiday Hot Drink Bar

My favorite decorating style is… cozy. I want people to come in, kick up their feet, and feel at home.

There are a million little ways we can do this over the holidays, but one way is to have a hot drink bar handy where people can choose their drink of choice.

#9: Invite Others To Go Phone Free

There’s no question our phones get in the way of connection. Invite others this holiday to go phone free with you. See if people connect more and have more fun!

#10: Five Things To Do Thanksgiving Week to Prep Well

It’s here – Thanksgiving week!  And the more we can do ahead of time, the better. These are little action steps that save a great deal of stress.

I hope this was helpful – HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!

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