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Thanksgiving Idea #5: DIY Floral Arrangement For Your Holiday Table

November 14, 2022

Making your own floral centerpiece for your holiday table is easy and cost effective.  Plus I LOVE a whimsical design with trailing greens, and many of the florists don’t make them that way.  This makes a beautiful statement and people will love that you made it!

Here’s how you can make yours.

Gather Your Supplies

There isn’t much needed for this project. One trip to the craft store and Trader Joe’s will do the trick.

  • Four bunches of blooms (1 bunch loose leaf greenery, 1 bunch wide leaf greenery, 1 bunch of a base flower, 1 bunch of a statement flower)
  • A decorative vessel
  • A bowl (to protect your vessel from water damage)
  • A dash of bleach
  • Wet floral foam or a floral frog
  • Scissors or Floral Shears
  • Kraft paper to arrange on (optional but saves time in clean up)

Step 1

Place the floral foam in a bowl and cover with water. Add a dash of bleach to kill bacteria. This will keep your arrangement lasting so much longer.

Then place the bowl in the decorative vessel. I chose this gold one from Target for ten dollars.

Step 2

Add the base greenery. I used a trailing greenery and made one side longer than the other. This adds a whimsical effect that is typical of more high end arrangements. Cut each stem before placing in the arrangement to give it a chance to absorb more water.

Step 3

Add the next layer of greenery. I used Eucalyptus leaves. I always use these because they are so beautiful and really fill out the arrangement nicely.

Step 4

Add your base flower bloom. This is the flower that “anchors” your arrangement. You will have more of these than the statement flower. Place them evenly around the arrangement, favoring the trailing side.

Step 5

Add the statement flower. There are only a few of these. Place them at various heights.

That’s it! So easy and beautiful. Be sure to message me on Instagram if you tried this.


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