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Thanksgiving Idea #10: Five Ways To Prep Ahead Of Time

November 18, 2022

It’s here – Thanksgiving week!  And the more we can do ahead of time, the better. These are little action steps that save a great deal of stress.

The goal of Thanksgiving is to spend time with the people we love. Our attitude and posture coming into the holiday matters. We don’t want to show up frazzled, grumpy, and disorganized. Here are some ways to prevent that from happening!

5 Things You Can Do To Prep For Thanksgiving

1. Tape Your Recipes at Eye Level with Ingredients Underneath

This is what we would do in cooking group and it helps everyone to know what recipe needs to be made and how to do it.  This makes it so easy to recruit people to help you in the kitchen because they know exactly what to do and where to find everything.  Put those kids to work!

2. Organize Your Spices

I know this is the most boring job in the world, but put on a good Christmas movie and get going!  It’s so helpful around the holidays.  We know exactly where to find what we need and we also can identify quickly what we are out of and need to go buy at the store,.  

These spice jars and labels transformed my kitchen game!

3. Make As Much Thanksgiving Food Ahead As Possible

From appetizers to dips to potatoes to gravy, we can make food ahead so we aren’t as stressed on the day.  Use restaurant style containers to store food – they work so well and stack easily in the freezer and refrigerator

4. Don’t Forget “Regular Meals” – Prep a Soup or Two

People need to eat other than the Thanksgiving meal over the holiday weekend.  Make a soup or two ahead of time and keep them crock-pot ready to pull out when you need.  

5. Set the Table

I often keep my table set for a couple of weeks before holidays.  It’s so pretty and saves a lot of stress.  Don’t forget the conversation cards!


This post is part of my 10 Ideas For Thanksgiving series

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