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Thanksgiving Idea #9: No Phone Zone

November 18, 2022

I get the idea of asking everyone to put their phones in a basket may make your uncomfortable. It makes me uncomfortable too. We can barely be away from our phones for a few minutes without wondering where it is (true?).

The little sign says “We invite you to join us in going phone free.”

It’s not a demand. It’s an invitation. For connection. For being with the ones who are right in front of us, rather than on our screens.

Maybe you will be the only one who does it. Maybe it’s only for the Thanksgiving meal. Maybe no one does it, but the sign alone makes people think about how often they are pulling out their phone around others.

The goal of Thanksgiving is connection and there is no question our phones sometimes get in the way of that. Let’s not let them! The phone basket may help.

This is a part of my 10 Ideas for Thanksgiving Series

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