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Thanksgiving Idea #6: Ninety Conversation Starters for Your Holiday Table

November 15, 2022

Give the gift of good conversation at your holiday table

Have you ever walked away from a gathering feeling like you didn’t get to talk to everyone or that the conversation was lacking?  

Like I always say…. a little intention goes a very long way!

One of the best ways to create a warm, connecting environment is to have ONE conversation at the dinner table so everyone gets to participate and everyone hears what each person says.  

Conversation starters are the best way I know for this dynamic to happen.  You can create your questions on the fly, or have a bowl of them at the table for people to choose a question. You could also put a couple of questions under everyone’s plate.  

It just takes someone to organize this at the table so it happens. 

+This is part of my 10 Ideas for Thanksgiving series+


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  1. Hazel Avery says:

    I love these conversation starters. This is such a fun idea. With the new cabinet painting I’m wanting to get, these will add to that as easy conversations with my family and friends. Thanks for the ideas.

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