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Summer Fun Freezer Cooking Menu

June 4, 2015

Picnic basket and hat in the tall grass

This menu is inspired by summer concerts under the stars, picnics at the lake, and backyard BBQs.  It explores dishes that will bring zesty life to the barefoot, long, happy days of summer!

The best part of being the planner for my cooking group?  I get to pick so many of my favorite recipes.

The Barefoot Contessa’s BBQ Sauce with Pulled Pork

We made Ina’s bbq sauce in massive quantities, and then bought bulk pork loins at Costco.

Throw this meal in the crockpot when you know you’ll be gone all day fishing at the river, and come back to dinner waiting.  Serve on the patio with cole slaw.


BLT Chicken Burgers  –

We ended up making these with ground turkey meat instead of ground chicken, because that is what Costco carries and it is so much cheaper to buy there!

Great for your backyard BBQ and healthy to boot!


Easy Cheeseburger Sliders in a Pan

Sliders are so time consuming.  This recipe creates a crucial shortcut!

Got a bunch of neighbor kids hanging around your yard playing Kick the Can at dinnertime?  They’ll devour these!


 Chicken in a Sourdough Round

Hands down my favorite summer concert meal, this is a meal that will both satisfy and impress.  It sets an elegant outdoor table.  Be ready to give out the recipe because every time I’ve served it, people ask for it!

Rustic sourdough bread

 Pesto Chicken Pasta a perennial kid-favorite, this one is for when you get home from a long day at the ball field.  Just boil up the pasta and throw the sauce already prepared over it.  We roast the chicken, slice it, then put in in a bag with the pesto so its emergency-hungry ready.

Penne Pasta

Blackberry BBQ Ribs

You’ve never tasted anything quite like this.  It’s totally unusual and TOTALLY AMAZING.  Seriously.  You will be eating this right out of the bowl.  Sweeten it more if you like your BBQ nice and sweet by adding some brown sugar.

Barbecue Pork Ribs

 Mel’s Broccoli Beef

Taken from one of my go-to recipe websites, Mel’s Kitchen Cafe, this is a flavorful explosion of Asian cuisine.  It’s just really, really good, which is why its on the summer menu also.



Best Ever Burgers

I like variety so we rarely eat the same things from week to week.  But if there is going to be a repeat, these burgers win every time.  I keep my freezer stocked so they are readily available.  I know you may think you have a better burger recipe than this, but I’ll put these up against ANY burger ANYTIME.  They are perfection on a bun.

hamburger with grilled meat and cheese on a wooden surface

Baked White Fish with Pesto

Healthy, easy, and flavorful, this is a great go-to for family dinner.

Filetto di merluzzo con pesto e contorno di caprese

 Fireside Fillets in Mushroom Sauce

This meal is for the most special occasion.  It would be great for an evening under string lights with the crickets singing and a bottle of red on the table.

Roasted beef with mushrooms



Cheese Crisp Baked Chicken for a Picnic

When you want fried chicken, but without the fried, look to this recipe.  It’s great to take along to a picnic in the park where live music jams from the stage while kids run barefoot and adults throw frisbees.

Fried Chicken


You can download my Summer Fun Cooking Menu List and Direction Sheet HERE.

Enjoy, friends!

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    The recipes I read here sound wonderful and can’t wait to try them. Thank you


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