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15 Favorites for Christian Moms

June 4, 2015

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Like you, I am a mom trying my best to raise my kids.  As a Christian mom, one of my greatest privileges is exposing them to the love of Jesus.  If they love Jesus, every other detail of their life will fall into place.  It’s the most important work.  

So I’m always looking for ways to build my own faith, to communicate the love of God to my family, and to encourage faith in my children.  

I’m also committed to showing my kids the love of Jesus by doing my very best to connect with them and nurture healthy relationships.  While it’s hard, and sometimes doesn’t work the way I want it to, I continue to persevere and get up each day with that in my heart and mind.

Here are some products that help me to those ends.

1. 365 Day Devotional for Kids

365 devotions

This devotional highlights various holidays/events that happen every day of the year.  The kids really like knowing it’s “national donut day” while learning a lesson about God at the same time!

2. Seeds Family Worship

seeds family worship

If you struggle memorizing scripture, these songs will really help.  I like that they appeal to a wide range of ages (including parents).

AND another resource for memorizing scripture: The Verses Project


This is a website that combines music and creative artwork for scripture memory (free downloads).

3. Facing the Giants

facing the giants

This movie has one of the best scenes of all time in it, and it is for this scene alone that I highly recommend the film as a family flick! You’ll know it when you see it.

4. What’s in the Bible with Buck Denver

what's in the bible

From the makers of Veggie Tales, this series is packed full of Bible knowledge.  It is witty, intelligent, educational, faith-focused, and encouraging.  I learn as much as my kids from Buck Denver! You can access online.

5. Praying Circles Around the Lives of Your Children


Mark Batterson states that the greatest tragedy is prayers that go unasked.  He challenges us to pray specifically, thoughtfully, and fervently over our children.  This whole series completely changed the way I approach prayer.  It has had a profound affect on my prayer life.

6. The Action Bible

This book is picked up more than any other in our home.  The kids are drawn to the illustrations and stories from the Bible.  This is a must-have item in the kids’ library.

7. Use a whiteboard for scripture and prayer.


Taken from a tip from my book, Reclaiming Home, use a plain whiteboard in a central location to post scripture memory and prayer needs.  We also use it to keep track of the weekly schedule. I used barn wood, white board paint, and a plain wooden board.

8. Your Move App use with kids ages 8-9 and above.


Andy Stanley, of Northpointe Church in Atlanta, has an app called Your Move.  His clear, simple, and humorous speaking style makes it easy to listen to his sermons as a family.  We often listen as we are coming down the mountain from skiing, cleaning, or driving to a soccer tournament.

9. Pandora Stations I Love:


I like to put one of these stations on first thing in the morning.  It starts our day worshipping God together through music.

Instrumental Praise

Lead Me to the Cross

Instrumental Folk Radio

Jesus Culture Radio

10. Parenting with Scripture –


This book is so handy.  When a parenting situation arises and you need to address the heart issue from a biblical perspective, this book with be your go-to resource.

11. Tim Hawkins Stand Up Comedian Videos


It is so refreshing to find comedy that is both hilarious and clean, a combination that isn’t often found together.  We LOVE watching Tim Hawkins videos and laughing as a family!

12. Favorite Mom Blogs



Each of these blogs is unique and offers encouragement and help for Christian moms.  They are the ones who say “me too,” and “let’s do this together.” – reflective and witty, Alexandra speaks for the everyday mom trying to figure out faith, life, and family. – insightful, fun, and spiritual, Courtney challenges us to not only teach our kids about the important and the eternal, but to giggle with them also. – Overflowing with love and truth, Jeannie takes perfectionism right out of motherhood.  She gives us the freedom to parent under the umbrella of grace. – Susie offers wisdom and perspective.  I’m so grateful that she has walked the mothering road before me, and helps to show the way to walk.  Her insights about fear have altered my parenting and have given me a new perspective. – Relevant and valuable, this is a website dedicated to inspiring moms toward grace-filled intention. They also periodically host fun giveaways. – You will find family friendly deliciousness on this blog – emphasizing the table. She also put a turquoise table in her yard to get to know her neighbors.  This is just one of her fun shenanigans!

13. Family and/or Marriage Dares from my other website Meaning in a Minute


Designed to span 7 or 14 days, you or your family can take a “dare” to connect with one another  (1 min. minimum per day).  The dares encourage intentional living combined with fun.

14. She Reads Truth



This website is an amazing website for moms.  It is full of bible studies, beautiful artwork, products, and even an app.  You MUST check out this website and/or app!  They are unique, innovative, and user friendly.

15. As You Wish Jewelry Design

This hand stamped jewelry company creates custom pieces that are both deeply meaningful and aesthetically beautiful.  They make the most special gifts.  Whether it is for the graduate, the grandmother, the bride, the teenager, or the mom, each piece reflects the individual and is a treasure.

When you wear your children’s names and carry them with you on a necklace, they feel loved and important.

 JUST BOOKS – because I love them.

I just have to include some important parenting books.  These are FABULOUS resources for anyone looking to grow in the area of biblical parenting.

In this House We Will Giggle

Parenting the Whole Hearted Child


Six Ways to Keep the Good in Your Boy

Six Ways to Keep the Little in Your Girl

Between: A Girl’s Guide to Life

The Five Love Languages of Teenagers

Have a New Teenager by Friday

Shepherding a Child’s Heart

The Heart of Anger

Boundaries with Kids

Sacred Parenting




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