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Our Giant Mixtiles Gallery Wall Makeover

July 17, 2021

Gallery Wall

Why does it take so long to get a gallery wall done? I’ve been wanting to do this for a couple of years.

It +may+ have had something to do with the fact that my 60,000+ photos were jumbled in a computer crash. Can anyone relate to the absolute overwhelm and chaos of the digital picture storage?

I needed a deadline to push through the hard and my son’s graduation party provided it.

I had a vision for a wall in our basement and I wanted TONS of family photos to cover it. However, as someone who loves beauty and design, it was important that it not look messy or overwhelming.

Enter Mixtiles

My sister introduced me to Mixtiles a while back and I knew this was the perfect application for the wall. I chose the 8×8 squares with a thick black frame. I then turned all of the photos I chose into black and whites to give it a timeless feel.

The photos are like a giant piece of art.

I absolutely LOVE how this wall looks — it makes my heart so happy.

What I love about Mixtiles

  • no nails
  • they literally stick onto the wall with a 3M type adhesive
  • you can switch them out at anytime for new pictures
  • there isn’t the chore of putting pictures in frames or getting them out (trying to bend the metal)
  • they can be used for a family room, dorm room, locker, bedroom, etc.

This is our family story

The heart this wall brings to our home is what makes it so special. This is our family story, displayed in snapshots of time. It’s like having a big family album on our wall, and it honors the people we love.

I’m full of gratitude whenever I look at this space – for every face and every moment we’ve been given.

It’s a sacred gift.

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  1. Lisa Smith says:

    Krista, I absolutely love your tile photo wall! Thank you for the inspiration, I hope I do one too!
    I haven’t seen you in so long and you look fabulous! I miss you friend!
    Lisa Smith ❤️

  2. Carin baker says:

    I love what you do.. I love your style! I mostly love your heart and words is wisdom! Can you make some time in August to possibly help me? Or do you have time to take on clients? Lmk. Blessings! Love, Carin


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