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Our Deck Reveal: My Quiet Space

July 17, 2021

black and white patio furniture

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Modern Mountain Style

We finally got all of our deck pieces and I love how our space turned out. You can see my inspiration board in this post. I didn’t go with exactly everything on the board, but pretty close. Doing an inspiration board helps me pre-think and make better (wiser) purchases that look better – all around a win / win!

The black, white, and beige color combination makes this arrangement so pleasing the eye, and the rattan and woven elements add warmth and a relaxed vibe. It goes well with our home’s modern mountain style.

summer patio furniture

My Quiet Place

This deck has become my quiet space.

Several times a day I come out here and sit to quiet my mind and heart. I sometimes bring a salad, my Bible, a journal, or nothing. It turns out that pausing several times a day is really good for our brains and our bodies.

I was listening to an interview with John Eldredge, author of Wild At Heart and creator of the One Minute Pause app, and he told a story about some people traveling through a jungle. Their guides would stop every so often and the people grew frustrated by the delays until the natives explained why they were stopping.

The guides said they needed to stop periodically so their souls could catch up because their pace was too fast.


mountain modern patio furniture

Technology was meant to create more room in our lives, but it has done the opposite. We are frantically trying to keep up with a world that is spinning faster and faster.

On average we spend around four hours a day on our smart phones, and ten hours consuming other forms of media.

We are more informed than ever before with information at our finger tips, yet experiencing greater anxiety and trauma as we engage with the brokenness and heartache of the entire world.

It’s wearing on the soul.

Taking pauses – or breaks in the day – for quiet, reflection, and what Eldrege calls “benevolent detachment” allows our souls to catch up.

Benevolent detachment is the practice of releasing everyone and everything to God. “Benevolent” because it’s not angry or cynical but done in love and kindness. “Detachment” because it’s a recognition we can’t carry the world. We are not God.

So this is why I find myself sitting on the deck several times a day.

I’m working on rhythms that make my soul well, and this is one of them.

summer patio black and white

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The sectional is the Urba Sectional from Article.

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  1. Ariana Kelly says:

    Krista! This turned out absolutely stunning! You did such an amazing job creating this space! I can see why this is your special place. Love the textures, how cozy it looks and each little touch of detail. You are so talented!
    Love Ariana


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