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Day #23: Reclaiming Acts of Service

October 24, 2014


When my mom comes over to my house she does all of the laundry while we talk.  Or, she starts washing the dishes, or grabs a broom.  The quality time girl in me wants her to be still and simply talk.   But the acts of service girl in her want to do something practical to show her love.

The acts of service love language lives by the motto, “actions speak louder than words.”

People with this love language want to demonstrate how they feel, and this takes the form of doing something for you.  They also want this same action-oriented love in return.

Today’s love language:  Acts of Service

How it is expressed:  People with this love language feel loved when others do something for them that is helpful.

If you have a child with this love language, remember that the “little acts” of kindness will go a long way.  Getting their water bottle ready before practice, helping them fold their laundry, or making their bed as a surprise will show them you care.

*Tip: If someone in your family is being critical of you, look behind the criticism and see if there is a love language not being met.



Dare #23: 

{of the 31 Days of Reclaiming Home series}

Pick one off the list to do with your family today to express the love language of quality time:

*Ask, “what can I do for you today or this week?”

*Make their bed for them

*Wash their car or fill it with gas

*Do an action for them that you’ve been promising (ie. Ironing pants, fixing a button, painting a room, etc.)

*Do a job that is normally the other person’s task (ie washing dishes, folding laundry, vacuuming, etc.)

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