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Day #22: Reclaiming Gifts

October 23, 2014

giftsGifts are not just for Christmas and birthdays.

To people with this love language,  gifts are a way of life, or more specifically, a way of love.  The size, price, and nature of the gift is not important, but rather, the thought behind the gift is paramount.

For example, I just visited a very dear friend for two days.  When she took me to the room where I was to stay, a beautiful basket packed full of thoughtfulness greeted me.  She had texted my husband to find out my favorite little things and then went to the grocery store and filled a basket.


Here is what is even more touching about this gift to me.  Jill is not a gift person.  In fact, on a love language test, that would be dead last.  However, she got outside of her own interpretation of love and into mine.  That act of thoughtfulness meant so much to me.

Warning:  If you are not a gift person, you may struggle with feeling that the gift love language is materialistic, impractical, and frivolous.  Admit that, and then let go of that thought.  It is just as valid and important as your love language.  Remember, part of learning to love people well is meeting them where they are, even if different than you.

Today’s love language:  Gifts

How it is expressed:  People with this love language feel loved when others take the time to think of them, and then offer a gift that shows love tangibly.

Dare #22: 

{of the 31 Days of Reclaiming Home series}

Pick one off the list to do with your family today to express the love language of gifts:

*Buy a favorite item at the grocery store for the person

*Keep a gift notebook and record ideas when you hear them

*Pick out a favorite flower at the local garden center

*Give something meaningful according to his/her interests

(ie. Journal and pen to a writer, a music charm or a song from itunes to a musician,

or a new soccer ball for a soccer player).

*Observe a potential talent and encourage it by buying a book or magazine on that subject.

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