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Day #24: Words of Life {for kids}

October 25, 2014

wordsSome of us have bigger mouths than others.  Have you ever said something and then found yourself wanting to reel the words back in and pretend they never escaped your mouth?  This just happened to me yesterday.  Sometimes I speak before thinking (the curse of the extrovert)! But the upside to being a talker is that we can use that gift to make others feel valued.

Whether we are extraverted or introverted, we can all use our words to build others up.  In the language of love, these are called words of affirmation.

Being with someone whose has this love language makes you feel like a rock star.  They shower you with praise and tell you when they see something good.

My sister-in-law and husband are like this. They often says statements like, “That was really thoughtful, thank you” or “You are so amazing at that – wow!”

Did you know that studies point to a lack of appreciation as the main source of unhappiness in the workplace?  The same can be true in our homes.  When we dry up the well of sincere, heartfelt praise, souls become parched.

Kids and spouses want to know that they are loved above all other things.  One very tangible way to do this is to speak words of life to those around us.

Today’s love language:  Words of Affirmation

How it is expressed:  People with this love language feel loved when others speak positively about who they are and what they do.

Dare #24 {of the 31 Day Series}

Pick one statement off of the list to say to each family member sometime during the day.

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