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Day #21: Reclaiming Quality Time

October 21, 2014


The quality time love language is exactly as it sounds – spending quality time together!  I call this one the high maintenance love language (and it’s mine, so I’m calling myself that).


Because it requires T-I-M-E.  No shortcuts here.  There needs to be an investment of the self.

Undivided attention is the key to this love language.

Children with this love language keep us honest.  I have a son who simply will not allow me to ignore him.  He continually asks me to do things – from golf to soccer to Legos.  He forces me (in a good way) to stop what I’m doing and spend time on what is most important:  Him and our relationship.

Today’s love language:  Quality Time

 How it is expressed:  People with this love language feel loved when others make time for them.  They enjoy long walks talking in the park, riding bikes on a trail, or playing chess together for hours on end.  The key to this language is focused attention.

Dare #20: 

{of the 31 Days to Reclaiming Home series}

Pick one off the list to do with your family today to express the love language of quality time:

*Play a board game

*Go out to coffee

*Ride bikes around the neighborhood

*Read a book together

*Ask questions and listen well

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