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Day #15 Reclaiming Courage

October 15, 2014


When I became a parent, I thought I would need the Jedi-Knight kind of courage.  I predicted battles with dark forces and negative influences of culture.  While this is true, and I often find myself in direct opposition to cultural norms, I have found that the greatest courage needed in parenting is simply the courage to be the parent.

There is so much unknown when it comes to parenting.  We don’t know if we are doing our jobs well enough, and we pray our children don’t end up in therapy over our poor decisions.  We fear that our kids will not “turn out” the way we had hoped.  And we fear that if we stand firm, it will backfire.  We fear bad influences at school, cyber bullying, and addiction.  The list goes on…

For many parents fear is like a boa constrictor.  It winds itself around a person and suffocates the life out of her.  Relationships stop growing when fear is present, and clarity of thought is buried.

Fear will not go away.  This is something we will always wrestle with, to varying degrees, as parents.

Look fear in the face and choose courage.

Courage is only courage when we don’t know the outcome.  If we knew how life would turn out, it would not require bravery or valor.  Courage steps into the unknown, despite the fears, dangers, and obstacles. It fiercely protects, guides, helps, and loves.  

Because as parents we have been called to that — and our children are worth it.


 Dare #15:

Consider where you have been letting fear dominate in your parenting.  How can you look that fear in the face and choose courage instead?  Do it…TODAY!

{Part of the 31 Days of Reclaiming Home series}

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