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Day #16 Mini-Traditions

October 16, 2014

Mini Traditions-3

Traditions anchor us. 

They offer something that money can never buy—security, roots, and a sense of belonging in the world.  Spinning a web of inter-connectedness in families and communities, they offer a valuable sense of identity.

As we look at how to reclaim our homes, traditions may not seem at first glance to be a significant solution, but look again.  These rituals communicate a value placed on our people—the ones we’ve been given in this life.  They create memories, and become a part of the grand family story being written.  When everyone feels a part of that story, unity grows.  This births family identity, which is critical in crafting a sense of home and belonging.

 Creating Mini-Traditions:

We often think traditions need to be big, organized occasions.  Those have a place and I am often willing to volunteer to host a grand soiree, but most of the time it is the small traditions that we adhere to consistently that mean the most.  And because they are smaller and more do-able, we often are more likely to stick to them.  Mini-traditions are simply actions we do consistently with our families.  The repetition over time and the unique nature of our family is what makes them a tradition.

Nothing fancy or elaborate—just a little bit fun and zest in the daily rhythm of life. 

Ideas for mini-traditions:

*Sunday sundaes

*Hour of power (Saturday morning clean up after cartoons)

*Sunday morning hog & jog (a morning run followed by breakfast out)

*Full moon madness (stay up late and have special drinks or a hike on a full moon)

*Talent show Tuesday (kids perform skits, talents, show-n-tells, etc.)

*Fireside chat (read a classic novel to the family by the fire, or pick a topic of conversation or current event and discuss)

*Wing-Stop Wednesday or Tuesday tacos:  One-on-one dates bi-weekly or weekly

*Fun Friday after school activity

*Monday muffins

*Hike & hamburgers (after exploring, go eat at a local hamburger favorite)

*Friday night lights (ultimate frisbee, football, soccer, golf, capture the flag, or baseball games)

*Pop & poker night

*Flip flop lemon drop picnics (homemade lemonade, blankets on the front lawn, flip flops, lemon drop candy)

*The birthday hat—pick a sombrero or another large hat for the birthday person to wear on the special day.

Dare #16:

Plan to do one mini-tradition with your family this week.

{Part of the 31 Days of Reclaiming Home series}

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  1. Judith says:

    Wonderful ideas! Thank you!


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