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Day #14: Reclaiming Fun

October 15, 2014

Calling everyone for dinner, I had them gather by the kitchen island as usual, but before they could get their food, everyone had to bust out in some DISCO FEVER!  What exactly is that?  Think Travolta in his white suit, finger pointed high in the air, hair slicked back… and disco rockin’ it!

I used Le Freak.

We can do things the same, day after day, OR… we can do the unexpected.  And this brings fun to the table of life!  The more we can do this, the deeper our bonds will be.  It is a part of creating family identity.

Day #14 Dare {of the 31 day dare}:

Pick a routine task you will do today, then think through the Laws of Fun and see what you come up with to shake it up {and a disco ball never hurt anybody}!




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