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Day #12: Reclaiming Midnight

October 13, 2014

Reclaiming Midnight-2
It’s 1am and I’m just sitting down to write this post.  You see, I have a teenager, and teenagers don’t always talk to you.  Theyare busy people, running to school, sports pactices, social events, friend’s houses, and keeping up on homework {and texting}.

Mood also plays a part.  Teens let you into their world on their terms – as in, when they feel like it.  The key, as a parent, is to figure out when these times are, and then unlock that door to their hearts.

When I settled in to write at 10pm, my daughter came out of her room and sat down on the chair next to mine.  Quickly pushing my computer aside, I looked her in the eye and saw that she was wide open.  For the next three hours we laughed, problem-solved, and shared openly.

Teens often start talking late at night.  If there is ever a time to become a night owl, it is during the teen years.

Whether you have a teenager or a toddler, the same lesson applies.  We all can look for those opportunities when our kids are open and teachable.  It is in these times when they are most willing to receive our words and our care for them.

One of the keys of a strong home are solid relationships.  We must look for every opportunity to nurture those…even if it happens at midnight.  

Dare #12:
Be aware of when your child is especially open to you and your influence this week.  Capitalize on that by giving him/her your undivided attention.  
If your teen is especially hard, I encourage you to be patient and keep trying!
{part of the 31 Days of Reclaiming Home Series}
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  1. Krista, I still remember coming home late at night during my teenage years and having long discussions with my dad, who used to sit up waiting for my arrival while watching the news or a baseball game. I knew that he always was ready to listen, and it had such a profound impact.

    Your teenager might not realize the value in your late night discussions now, but she’ll look back on them as one of the many things you did to pour into her life. (And I’m taking notes. My kids aren’t teens yet, but I’ll add this to my memory back for when those years come!)

    Great challenges!


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