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Creating a Fall Centerpiece or Vignette for a Party, Event, or Dinner

November 21, 2021

Fall is a beautiful time to gather with friends or host a large event. The colors, leaves, pumpkins, apples, and natural elements make the season feel special and set apart.

Look no further than the local orchard or your own garden for the decorations of autumn.

Here is how to create a fall focal point or centerpiece

Begin with a base layer

I chose a simple plaid blanket to lay in a triangle across the table. I also put a woven table runner on top of the throw. This provided a base for the centerpiece on the table.

Next layer a few big elements that vary height and add interest

In any centerpiece or vignette, varying heights and shapes is pleasing to the eye. While there should be some small uniformity to all of the elements, varying thickness, height, and texture is important.

I used some risers, a wooden cake plate, a large wagon wheel, a pumpkins sign, and a decorative hay bale.

Add greenery and natural elements

Next add the plants, flowers, leaves, and branches. I pulled in a vase to hold up the branches and purchased two different kinds of fall inspired plants.

I love the look of mums and Black Eyed Susans.

Add candle lanterns, votives, and / or mini pumpkins

The last element to place are the votives, candle holders, and smaller objects. In this vignette I used black lanterns and mini pumpkins.

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