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My Fall Home Tour

November 4, 2021

The Fall Front Porch

I have a thing for front porches. I love them – I mean, LOVE THEM. It feels like a blank slate that I get to paint with objects, colors, textures, and greenery every season. So when it comes to decorating, I start there.

A Fall Decorating Tip

Start with interesting base pieces. In this case I used the bench and a large, antique basket.

Then, start layering. In these vingettes I used a blanket, leaves, Black Eyed Susan plants, a sign, hay, and oversized lanterns.

Some of these items give my porch a rustic, orchard feel, which fits our area beautifully. However, if you want your porch to have a more modern / sleek look, then choose only one color to display, remove the word sign, and go monochromatic on the pumpkins as well.

The Entry

Indoors I use faux pumpkins so they don’t rot. I also like to start adding warmer textures like this faux fur throw. I replaced the greenery in the vase with pampas grass, and tucked one leaf under the beads by the gold vase.

The Wall

These shelves on our wall from Pretty in Polka Dots are a favorite. They come with letters, or pictures can be placed on them as well. I change what is in this space often. I especially like encouraging my family in this space.

The Fall Kitchen

The kitchen is my favorite place in the home. I like clean counters and plenty of space to be a messy cook, so I try to keep the kitchen clear of clutter.

That said, I love a seasonal display right in the center of the island. I have a large tray that holds the decor for each season. I layer some kind of runner underneath it and add books, candles, beads, and in fall, leaves and pumpkins. It makes a beautiful centerpiece without it overwhelming the counter space.

The Dining Room

The dining room is often set and ready for big meals with whoever shows up that night. The leaf plates are an item I’ve had for over ten years and I never tire of them. They are absolutely darling.

Running down the table are three faux pumpkins, black candlesticks, and some leaf and pumpkin sprigs. I don’t like when people are blocked from talking to one another across the table by decorations, so that is one of my criteria when I’m setting a tablescape.

The Fireplace

I kept the fireplace in the great room pretty minimal. I filled the pot on the mantle with the same color leaves, added some black wire pumpkins, and put up our large family sign (again, this fits our area well in the fall). Lanterns flank the side on the bottom, adding some interest and filling a large hearth.

Open Shelves

I love open shelves. In the fall I balance warm wood tones, black metal surfaces, earthy textures / objects, and a little pop of life through leaves or greenery.

Our Neighbor’s Table

Our Neighbor’s Table is one of my favorite places on our property. It has a stunning view and it seats 20, which means we can have some fun! I love decorating the table and inviting people over to enjoy the beautiful fall evenings. We like to have cook-offs and do sack races, tug of wars, and three legged races.

The Deck

We like to eat outside as long as possible in the fall. However, we also want it to feel like it is no longer summer. Adding some white pumpkins and mums to the outdoor deck space adds a festive fall touch.

The Outbuilding

Even an outbuildng can be spruced up with a welcome mat, a couple of urns I spray painted black, some corn stalks, and, of course, pumpkins.

Here is a short video to watch

What was your favorite room? I want to know! Happy Fall everyone.

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