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A List of Your Family’s Favorite Things: Know Them

October 3, 2015

Welcome to Day #1 of Treat Your Family Like Guests

The first thing I do when guests are coming is I find out their favorite things.
What does this do?  It makes people feel known and loved.  
When we know that our youngest son loves Lucky Charms, or that our husband is crazy about Gonzaga basketball, it allows us to love them well by surprising them from time to time with that something special.  Ultimately, it isn’t the Lucky Charms that makes them feel loved, but the KNOWING that he loves Lucky Charms… that we remembered and considered.
ACTION STEP:  Today you are going to have each person in your family fill out this paper of their favorite things.  Store it in a special place where you can easily access it.  We’ll be referring to this list during the 31 days, so keep it handy!
Download the PDF Here: FAVORITES
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  1. Nicole Guidry says:

    This is cute

  2. Arun Verma says:

    Great article! I liked the “Lucky Charms that makes them feel loved”. One needs to find out what one is interested in gift the best.

    Hope your reader’s find this valuable Travel Favorite Things List. Feel free to give it a read and share your thoughts. God bless you.


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