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Making Preparations to Love Well

October 3, 2015

Last week I helped run The Open Door Retreat with my friend, Alexandra.  We spent months preparing for our guests who were coming.  Months.  And, they told us, it paid off huge.  The women felt truly special and honored by our preparations.

This is what we do for guests.  We prepare for them.  We think about them.  We clean, cook, and plan.  So much of the success of our visit is in our preparations ahead of time.

When we plan well, we celebrate well, and people feel loved {the goal}.

So that is what we’re going to do today.  We’re planning and preparing for the people right inside our own homes.

Download this checklist and make these preparations over the next five days.  This will really help us as we prepare to “Treat our Family Like Guests” this month.




Download the checklist HERE: 


And the FILL IN THE BLANK checklist HERE: 


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