Reclaiming Home

cs_rechomeReclaiming Home is for the modern parent who is tired of living life on empty.  Pushing back against the distractions, disconnection, and short cuts that hijack strong families, this book offers practical, life-giving solutions that any parent can implement.  While we often hear about the negative effects of culture on our families, we are rarely offered the tools needed to build our family differently.  Reclaiming Home is a parent’s guidebook, providing the HOW behind implementing desired family values and identity.  Packed with real-life ideas and inspiration for home, marriage, and children, this book will be an essential companion as you build meaningful family relationships and a family identity that will last for generations.

  • Packed with practical tools parents can implement immediately to make a difference in the everyday challenges of raising children.
  • Offers courage to develop strong family roots, from a mom of four who understands the challenges of raising a family.
  • Throws parents swimming against the strong current of culture a life preserver of hope.

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What people are saying:


“For the parent who feels life’s pace spinning out of control, for the parent who wants to be more intentional with family time but doesn’t know where to begin, for the parent who is afraid the years are slipping away, Reclaiming Home is your go-to book. Krista Gilbert has packed these pages with practical ideas on incorporating the meaningful into your family’s routine. It is simply impossible to read this book and not find some inspiration and ideas you can implement today. Reclaiming Home is a solution-driven book to tackling modern parenting’s dilemmas.”
– Alexandra Kuykendall: Specialty Content Editor, MOPS International; Author, The Artist’s Daughter: A Memoir

“As only the most trusted friends can, Krista grabs readers by both the hand and the heart as she encourages and guides us to find the place where our hearts beat strong. Family. The place where small things, done over time and with intention, carve out the most lasting legacy of a life. ”
– Tammy Strait of Grace Uncommon

“Krista Gilbert is a woman who pursues deep and intentional relationships with a heart full of love and life! For over 20 years, she has always been someone who pushes me to live fuller, with more of these qualities. When I have been “with” Krista–whether in person or on the phone, reading her blog, or sneaking pages of this book–I feel like I am RECLAIMING who I was designed to be!”
-Eric Scofield, Chief Development Officer for Young Life

“A magnificent resource for anyone who longs for deeper connection with family. Engaging and hopeful, Krista Gilbert offers practical tips and wise advise for the most important challenge of all – reclaiming home.”
– Kristin Schell, Founder, The Turquoise Table Community

“No one does intentional family time like Krista Gilbert, and no one expresses herself more clearly, practically and passionately. Take a deeper look at how you can make your home beat again with life and love through intentional parenting and planning. Her purposeful ideas stem from a heart of faith and a belief in family. Read these pages and regain ground that has been lost. Join her in Reclaiming Home.”
– Rebecca Coors, Mom of 5, Colorado

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