My Favorite Organizational Products

October 2, 2020

When we moved a few years ago I gave away about 50% of our things. It was total freedom. I didn’t even realize how much our stuff was weighing me down.

Moving forced me to go through every drawer, every box in the garage, and each item of clothing. I had to look at each item and ask if I really needed it. This is a great process, and one I should have done years before.

However, I still am not a minimalist.

I love my decorations for each holiday, and I have a few too many body washes, colors of lipstick, and curling irons. Plus, I like being prepared with all of the bandaids, Lysol wipes, and travel adapters that one could possibly need.

This is where organization comes in. There is no point in having stuff if we don’t remember where it is or that we even have it! I am resolved to only keep things in the house that we actually use.

Mantra: If we don’t use it, lose it!

I recently organized our closet and used the rattan bins from The Container Store listed below to corral all of the loose ends.

In the kitchen I use the drawer dividers, labels, and stackable bins. Oh and the water bottle and food container lid organizers (HALLELUJAH!)

The under cabinet organizer was for the bathroom, and the label maker I use all over the house.

Some of my most helpful organizational products are tips I got from my friend, Wendy from The Peaceful Homestead.

Here are the most helpful products I recently used to organize our home:

I hope you are inspired to get your home organized – it really does create such peace and harmony in the home!

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