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How Teens Can Impact the World Using Technology

April 29, 2015

Parents sometimes resent teens and their devices.  All one must do is look at a line of teenagers standing together to realize how often their faces point toward their screens instead of one another.

We often wonder if our kids are safe online, if they are victims of cyber bullying, and what the long term affects of media will be on their health and well being.

Though we sometimes wish life were different, the reality is that our teens speak the language of technology very, very well.  That isn’t going to change.

So….what if we encouraged our young people to use it for good?

There are many dark parts to the world of media, so let’s be a part of shining a light, and helping our kids do the same.

Let’s coach our children on how to use it to not only spread goodwill, but even to impact in the world.  

Help them dream big, and watch what they can do with a little vision.


Teens.Impacting.Media.Boy  (Click to Download)


 Teens.Impacting.Media (Click to Download)

To take the Media 101 Dare {for Parents}, SIGN UP HERE.

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