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5 Things I Want My Kids to Know this Mother’s Day

May 5, 2015


1.  You are loved. The end. Period.  Nothing will change that.  You are held in my highest esteem.  A mother’s love is enduring, brave, and fierce.  And it never gives up.

2. You are unique.  God created you individually for a reason.  Do not squander what you’ve been given, but lean in to your calling and gifting.  He has given you a hope and a future.

3. You are free to be imperfect.  We all are.  Do your best, but avoid perfection.  There is no such thing anyway.  Give yourself the grace you offer to others, and be patient with the process.

4. You are writing your own life.  God offers us so much free will.  He will let you choose which path you will take.  All of your little decisions count.  Remember to lay your life brick upon brick upon brick. What you do now builds on who you are and who you become.

5. You are strongest when you give generously.    The world needs you. Our community needs you.  Remember that generosity begets more generosity.  The same is true in reverse.


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Many blessings to you all~

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  1. Krista,

    This is a beautiful list. I think I love #4 and #5 best. There is a wonderful power in knowing that with God our stories can be so rooted in strength and goodness here on earth. Never perfect {#3}. What a great post idea!

    Meghan 🙂


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