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Hotel-style Clean Sheets & Towels

October 10, 2015

Newly washed white sheets drying at a clothesline in a green garden with daisies

Who doesn’t love clean sheets?  I LOVE snuggling in after cleaning day and smelling the fresh scent.  I sleep better on clean sheets.  I totally do!

One of the most practical things we can do to treat our family like guests is to clean their sheets and towels with hotel-like standards.

What does that mean really?  It simply means that we clean them often (experts say once a week) and the right way.

So today, let’s do this!!!!

Here are a family’s steps to clean sheets: 

  1. In the morning, have each person in the family strip their own bed and grab the dirty towels.  Have them place the sheets/towels in a specified area near the laundry machine.  This is half the battle, because just getting the sheets off is a job.  Have them include the duvet cover.
  2. Cycle the laundry (tips to follow) and place in rooms.  As the bedding gets done, fold the sheets, or lay them flat if you don’t have time, and put them on the bed where they belong.
  3. Grab a partner, or have each family member help you make a bed (goes so much faster).


You can download this chart HERE:  Tips_for_clean_PDF_bedding

For towels, I’ve learned a few things you may find helpful:

  1. Towels will discolor because of your children’s face wash.  Hello teenagers!  White is the best choice for this issue.
  2. Towels mildew… fast!  Don’t put them in the laundry basket unless they are completely dry.
  3. Fabric softeners ruin the effectiveness of towels.  Don’t use them.  Try those dryer balls instead to cut down on static.


You can download this chart HERE: tips_for_clean_towelsPDF

For more about cleaning sheets and towels, visit The Modern Mrs.Darcy or Ask Anna.  Both are resourceful and valuable websites.  Anna has  free printables about using vinegar and baking soda for cleaner laundry.  Love it!

What is your best laundry tip?  Do tell!

This is part of the “Treat Your Family Like Guests” series.

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