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Christmas Gift Hacks

November 25, 2023

My dear friend and “bestie-in-law” Wendy from The Peaceful Homestead and I are doing a five day series called “Wendy + Krista’s Christmas Collab. Tune in on Instagram for Christmas ideas!

We’re talking abut our favorite Christmas gift hacks today. Here are some favorites.


Have a bag for each family member and put stocking stuffers in as you buy them. It’s a simple transfer on Christmas Eve with no confusion. You can also see at a glance if you have the same amount in each.


Omit names on gifts and use a designated ribbon for each family member. They won’t know until Christmas morning when the secret is shared. This is great for kids who tend to try to “peak” at their gifts.

Here are some of my favorite ribbons:


Skip buying gifts and instead MAKE them! We’ve been doing this for year between the adults in our family. These are some of the things we’ve done:

  • favorite recipe books
  • date ideas
  • homemade kahlua / limoncello
  • railroad tie bench
  • H-O-M-E in a frame made out of rocks from the family lake cabin
  • ski wine racks
  • lanterns on a homemade stand
  • advent candles and readings
  • custom candy jars

What is one of your best gift hacks?

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