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10 Mother’s Day Gifts {that don’t break the bank}

April 29, 2016

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My husband is a very thoughtful gift giver.  Because gifts” is not one of his love languages, he has to work at thinking of something that would make another person feel cared for and valued.  He often says, “take the money you would buy me a gift with and buy one for ____________ (fill in the blank child who has gifts as one of their top).

So when it comes to Mother’s Day, he asks for ideas he can work off of to fuel his creativity.  I have no problem coming up with ideas.  We moms work so hard and to get a little help and love coming our way?  THANK YOU AND YES, PLEASE.

Sometimes we just need to voice what would spell L-O-V-E to us on Mother’s Day.

So here are 10 service-oriented gifts I love for Mother’s Day:

  • Plant Flowers –  

The crew helps put new soil in the pots or beds, pulls weeds, and then helps plant the flowers.  It’s a good thing to plant beauty into a mama’s heart and yard!

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  • Project Power – 

Those projects around the house that no one has time to do?  Get a few of them done!   Make a list and check off what you can.

  • Furniture Flipped – 

Who needs a TV show to get creative?  Break out of the same ‘ol, same ‘ol and change the furniture around.  The other day we flipped the dining room and our office/work space.  I’m so giddy about it – I feel like we are living in a new house.  Change is good. Give yourself permission to just do it – you can always change it back if you don’t like it, right????

Happy Valentine's Day morning

  • Total Truce –

I remember a few years ago my kids started fighting on Mother’s Day and I wanted to cry because it felt so wrong that they would fight on my day!  If your family is struggling with getting along in this season, tell them that is what you want, and hold them to it.

  • Memory Lane –

Write down fun family – mom focused- memories and put them in a jar.  Have mom pull them out one by one and talk about them at lunch or dinner.

  • Power Clean – 

Moms love a clean house.  For a split moment, it’s as if everything is right in the world.  Clean the house from top to bottom at one time while Mom sits on the patio and relaxes.

  • Hog & Jog – 

Take a family jog, walk, hike, or bike ride, then come home and have a huge breakfast.




  • Car Sparkle – 

Moms live in their cars.  It’s like a second home.  Detail it, freshen it, vacuum it, get in all of the nooks and crannies.  Even Windex the interior windows.

  • Laundry Lovin’ – 

Some moms are buried in laundry each and every week.  Give Mom a break this week from this mundane task.  Wash sheets and put them back on the beds.  Wash towels and fold.  Everyone wash their own basket of laundry, and put every piece of clothing away.

Newly washed white sheets drying at a clothesline in a green garden with daisies

  • Mom in the Movies – 

Feature Mom as the star of a slide show.  Make a powerpoint or iMovie of Mom loving on her family.  A sure crowd pleaser!


Show your husband or kids this list and let them pick one!


Moms – you are rockstar status.  You really are.  Keep loving on and impacting your families.  It makes  ALL the difference!













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