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The Secret to Creating Legacy & a Giveaway!

September 8, 2015



The straps of the backpack clapped together and the familiar “click” signaled that everything was packed.  My son peered out proudly from behind his glasses as he slung the large weight onto his back.  It had finally come.

All nine year olds in our family get to go on their first “real” backpacking weekend with Dad.  They carry everything they need on their backs.  This year we accompanied them on the hike up, but then left to let them have their special time together.

Erik usually spends some time teaching about the outdoors: how to hang food from a tree so the bears stay away, how to stay warm in the outdoors, how to set up a backpacking tent and where to put it, and how to filter water and make a decent meal with a tiny stove.  But he also covers topics that will start to emerge at this age – age-appropriate information about the body, the relationship between girls and boys, and God’s design in it all.


This weekend communicates what we value – spending individual, focused time with our children, offering a perspective from a spiritual lens, teaching how to be confident in the wilderness, and learning to stand in awe of its vast beauty and power.  All of these matter.

Someday, our kids may turn around and do the same with their children.

Because what we are creating now – the way we choose to spend out time and resources – is transmitting something profound to our children’s hearts.  It is rooting in them.

It is creating legacy.

For some of you, the legacy your family left behind was nothing but damaging.  You know first hand what happens when the roots are not grown, or are strangled.  It’s devastating.  Because wounds that come from our primary relationships – our family – during those formative years are so deep.

If this is you, let me encourage you to be the first one in your family to change the root system of your family tree.  YOU CAN DO IT.  Though I know it is hard, and often lonely, your children will someday stand strong and tall because of what you have invested – because you had the courage to change your family’s story.

Decide what you want your legacy to be, and then create ways to make sure that happens.  For example, if you want your family to have a legacy of faith, what are you doing NOW to nurture faith in your children?  Make a list.  If you want to leave a legacy of a close-knit family, what are you doing NOW to create positive, meaningful memories together?

Use the worksheet provided to help you think through how your ideals are matching up with your reality.


You can download the PDF of the worksheet by clicking this link: Legacy.PDF.Workshee

My new book, Reclaiming Home, devotes an entire chapter to how we can create meaningful legacy in our families.  This will be a very helpful and practical resource for you.  

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Don’t miss out – they are so much fun and meant to bring greater connection with your family!

Watch this video about family legacy.  

What is one way you are reclaiming legacy in your home?


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