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The Artist’s Daughter {a must read}

June 18, 2013

I stood next to her as the stage lights blared into our eyes.  Hours before we had been cast in “A Chorus Line” at our college, and we waited patiently as the director lined us up.  Big, glacier blue eyes smiled at me as I introduced myself.

Elegant, mysterious, and soft-spoken, Alex was a contrast to me in every way.  Yet, we hit it off immediately.  Cherry blossoms lined the campus walkways and burst into their full color, just like our friendship that spring.  There had to be a reason why, my senior year in college, this girl would suddenly dance into my life and take a seat at my table.

Years later, Alex married my husband’s very best friend and college roommate, Derek.  As God would have it, the relationship we established years before would be cemented and expanded.

Alex’s life story always fascinated me, and like a giant puzzle,  it fit together in bits and pieces throughout the years. Her saucer blue eyes and deep espresso hair hinted of her European roots. And within that story, like a great Spanish cathedral, God was building her faith, inner beauty, and strength one brick at a time.

The Artist’s Daughter is a snapshot of the messy, yet vibrant journey of Alex’s life.  Raw and honest in her approach, she had me laughing out loud and crying all within two chapters of each other.  As a friend, I know Alex’s story, and yet I could not put the book down.

From a literary standpoint, she is a brilliant writer.  You will appreciate the way she uses detail and words to bring the story to life.  From a heart and soul standpoint, she addresses 3 main questions with which we all wrestle:

Am I lovable?  Am I loved? Am I loving?

The answer to these three questions influences so much of who we are and who we become. Using examples from her own life in childhood, marriage, parenting, friendship, leadership, and faith, Alex offers us a bird’s eye view into her life.  In turn, we emerge with new perspective and fresh faith.

Grab a cup of Starbucks and settle in.  You won’t be able to put this one down!

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