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Ski Scavenger Hunt (Schweitzer Mountain Resort)

December 31, 2020

For my son’s 15th birthday we organized a ski scavenger hunt on the mountain where we were skiing for the week at Schweitzer Mountain Resort in Sandpoint, Idaho.

I had my doubts about whether high school / college kids would get into it, but we ended up having the MOST FUN! It was a total win. It may have helped that we had cash prizes at the end too! The groups were randomly chosen out of a bowl. We put all of the kids together, and then had an adult team.

As it turned out, the adult team was a good move because I don’t think we could have moved as fast as they wanted us to all over the mountain. 🙂

The points were given on speed – who was back first – and also creativity. Each item had creativity bonus points that could be added to the total.

Here is how we organized the ski scavenger hunt:

  1. Choose the teams.
  2. Give out the scavenger hunt list and then give each team fifteen minutes to make their plan.
  3. Everyone get on their ski gear together and line up outside at a designated place.
  4. Reinforce the rules – ie. teams must stay together (be specific here – we ended up having some gray area on this).
  5. Do the countdown and have fun!
  6. When everyone is back, have them share their photos and videos on a big screen. We had so much fun watching everyone’s creativity. It was awesome and so funny.

Schweitzer Mountain Ski Resort Scavenger Hunt List

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