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Saying Goodbye to Kindergarten

June 3, 2012


My youngest child is in his final days of kindergarten.  I am so torn.

Watching him grow up is so much fun,  and yet letting go of the young years of parenting is HARD.  He’s my baby, so with him lies the “last time” of everything.

If you ever want to read a children’s book about that concept that will have you wracked with sobs by the end, read “Let Me Hold You Longer” by Karen Kingsbury.

The book drives home the point that we need to hold on to our kids’ moments, because it may be the last time they ever do that particular thing, and that season will become only a memory.

Right now my kindergartener still hangs on my legs and pretends like he is a koala bear.  He throws his arms around me in the morning with reckless abandon.  We snuggle on the couch and sound out words.  One day, he will be a completely independent reader and won’t need me by his side to read, he’ll think acting like a koala bear is too silly, and his morning enthusiasm will lessen.

I know this well, as my daughter is 13, and I have watched the transformation in her.  With the last one, parents realize it passes too quickly and without warning.  So for now, I will take in these last days of kindergarten, soaking in every ounce, cherishing these “lasts.”

Here are some things I have LOVED about Stet’s Kindergarten year….


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