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Saying Goodbye to Grandma

August 31, 2013

My hands run across her bible. Each highlighted verse a treasure. Just holding it connects me to her soul.

The room is tiny. So much life lived, and this is all that remains?  A blanket knit with expert hands. Her favorite chair. Shoes custom made for her worn feet. Pictures of family. And her Bible. The anchor on which she built her life.

But this is not all that remains.  Her son leans in close to tell her she is ok… that he will take care of her. Her daughter holds constant vigil, watching her every breath, and making sure the nurses are keeping her comfortable.  My sister and I sing as we hold her hands. “Great is Thy Faithfulness” calms her anxiousness and she once again closes her eyes.  Other family and friends visit and all say the same, “She was something special.”

There was never a question what was important to Grandma.  God, church, family, friends.

Every detail of her life reflected these priorities. Life was not easy.  Widowed at a young age, she spent the majority of her life alone. Yet, for Grandma, life was not lonely. Having been called to a missional existence, she spent her hours volunteering at church, taking meals to the sick, visiting friends, loving her Spokane community, helping family, and cooking.  The great-grandkids could hardly wait to dip their little hands into Great Grandma’s continual supply of homemade cookies and jelly beans in dishes all over the house.

There was a sweetness in her soul that is difficult to explain to someone who has never experienced that generation. An innocence of a much simpler time. Yet a heartiness that reflects days lived through war, depression, and hardship. They had manners, but not just for show. They gave people dignity, and demonstrated wisdom that only comes from years.

I will miss her. Deeply. Her anchored soul tethered mine.

There is no question that all of heaven is preparing a huge celebration for this one.  Most called her an angel on earth. She will now be in good company.  I picture the heavenly host escorting her home to heaven, clapping… no…cheering,  and proclaiming, “Well done.  WELL DONE, good and faithful servant.”

It’s time Grandma. To let you go.

Kindness and love were your trademarks, and Christ was your anchor.

Let this be the legacy we pass.



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  1. Gweynn says:

    Hugging you my friend, across the miles. Your tribute to Grandma is beautiful. In the blink of an eye you will be reunited! XOXO. GA

  2. Sarah Thoms says:

    Such a beautiful tribute, Krista. You made me cry!

  3. Dana Ramseyer says:

    Once again Krista you’ve brought tears to my eyes. Sorry for your loss but celebrating the wonderful example of love , Godliness and grace you’ve had in you life!

  4. Christine says:

    I am sorry to hear of your sadness . I am glad to see you write of the beauty and grace found in our elders. I can only imagine the depth of love your grandmother has felt and that I believe we will take with us. <3

  5. Janice white says:

    We think of you as family and you have been an inspiration to us. We love you all. Thank you

  6. Sandy Dicksn says:

    Krista, what a sweet goodbye to a sweet part of your life. Her legacy of love and serving Christ will live on through you and the rest of your family. I celebrate her arrival in heaven soon and the knowledge that she will at last see the face of her Savior. Thank you for sharing your meaningful goodbye. Sandy

  7. Uncle Roger says:

    Beautiful!! You captured my mom/your grandma so perfectly. She has been an angel and a saint to so many. She will be truly missed but much better off with her Lord. Thank you so much for this wonderful tribute.

  8. Don Tomlinson says:

    Loving words for a loving lady!

  9. Judy Altig says:

    What an eloquent, loving eulogy to your very special grandmother, Krista. I will always remember her sweet demeanor. She was truly a “treasure”. I’m so sorry for your loss.

  10. Carol & Jim Smith says:

    She was a very special lady. So sweet, loving and caring for everyone around her. A true blessing.
    Wishing all of you God’s peace.


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