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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

April 28, 2022

Mother’s Day gifts express the love we have for our moms, but how do we really quantify the essence of the word “Mom?” There is so much there. Perhaps we start with a true story that I witnessed recently.

Going Face Down

The bench felt unforgiving as a mom in faded jeans and a “Warrior Basketball #14” sweatshirt cheered on her daughter in the state play offs. She cheered loudly and pressed her hands against the hard pine, palms sweaty from the adrenaline. The game was intense and the referee adamantly blew his whistle to signal an end to the rough play. 

A foul was called and the first free throw swished the basket. The players readied themselves for the rebound on the second shot. As the ball came down, two players crossed one another, one of them player #14. In an instant, the girl was on the ground screaming in pain. 

With speed, the mom bounded down the bleachers. The daughter’s knee was dislocated and the evidence was a bone turned sideways. They carried her off the court and waited for the ambulance to come. On the sideline the player could not find a position that didn’t elicit excruciating pain. 

In an effort to help, the mom laid facedown on the ground and had the trainers sit her daughter on her back, laying her knee to the side. While it didn’t take the pain away, it did help. For twenty minutes the mom laid in that position in front of the entire crowded gymnasium. 

This is motherhood. 

We often feel like that mom, face down, sacrificing, doing what it takes, no matter the cost. We shoulder pain in order to lessen it for our child. 

It’s far from glamorous. In fact, it’s downright humiliating sometimes. But each act of kindness, grace, and sacrificial service is laying firm bricks of connection and stability that children will put their full weight on for generations to come. 

Thanks for going face down, Mom – everyday you are doing the very hard work of true love. Though it can’t be measured, it makes all the difference. 


+this post contains affiliate links – all items recommended are things I use and enjoy

Here are some favorite gifts for Mom – these are my personal favorites.

This coffee frother – it’s the best one and who doesn’t love froth on their coffee?

This casserole dish – I’ve had one since our wedding and it’s still in perfect condition. They last forever! This one is less expensive. Such a useful gift.

This kitchen herb garden planter with scissors – how cute would this be to plant it for your mom and give it to her? Or here’s one that is self watering.

These stud earrings are my go-to almost everyday! Your mom would love them. 

This bluetooth speaker will give your mom tunes all summer long. Trust me on this – not all speakers are alike. This one is the best! 

You can see more fun ideas on this list below!

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