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Four Steps to Redecorate A Main Living Space

April 20, 2021

Spring is a natural time to start thinking about reworking spaces. Many of us begin throwing out clutter and have renewed energy for home projects.

I love using the rhythm of this “cleaning and organizing” season to take inventory of what I want to do. Of course I have to align those dreams with time and finances, but the planning helps me prioritize and plan for the future. This step also inspires me to take action on DIY projects. When the budget isn’t there, I get creative. YouTube is an endless resource in the DIY kingdom.

A Plan For Redecorating

Once you’ve chosen a room to re-work, print out my worksheet below and work through these four steps.

1. Decide what to keep and what to change.

Your first order of business is to list all of the elements that are present in the specified room: furniture, rugs, accessories, light fixtures, and colors.

We often become “numb” to all of the things that make up our space. Single out each item in the room and make a decision about whether to keep it, sell it, or give it away.

2. Decide what to sell and give.

Once you have your list of items “to sell” and “to give away” you are ready to take action.

Post the items you are going to sell on Facebook Marketplace or Craig’s List, contact a family or organization you will bless with the more valuable items you want to donate personally, and put the rest in the car to take to the local thrift shop drop off.

The key is not to hesitate. We often start hoarding again if things remain in our garage or space and we lose the motivation to take action. Tell yourself you will get it done NOW.

3. Decide what jobs need to be done and on what timeline.

List all jobs that will need to get done to redecorate your space. List big jobs to small jobs, such as “hang art print,” or “hire a painter.” Some areas to consider: painting, flooring, replacing light fixtures, etc.

We have two graduation parties coming up in the next two months, so that is currently driving a few projects for us. Not only did I need to consider what needs to be done and the cost of the bids, but the date of completion was critical.

4. Create a cohesive plan for your room.

There are certain elements that make a space feel complete and “put together.” We don’t always think about how everything we put in a space either compliments or takes away from the other items.

Creating a cohesive plan for your space includes:

  • picking 3-5 colors
  • choosing 1-3 metals
  • deciding on what textures you will add to the space
  • naming a design style for your space (ie. modern farmhouse, modern, modern mountain, etc.)

Look at all of these elements together and see how they work. I will often use an “inspiration piece” that has the colors of my space and then put the metals and textures up against that item.


I’d love to see how you end up redecorating your room. Tag me on Instagram if you post it!

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