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Family Emergency Reference Printable

October 15, 2015

When guest come to town, I like to provide for them a reference sheet of wi-fi passwords, things to know about our home and our town, etc.  When it comes to our families, let’s provide them with an emergency reference sheet.

There have been situations where having a family emergency plan in place has saved lives.

Do your kids know what to do if there is a fire when you aren’t home?  What about if you are unconscious and can’t respond?  Do they know who to call (most kids do not have phone numbers memorized like we did when we were children).

We can empower them to make calm decisions with this simple sheet.  Go over it and post it somewhere in the house where everyone knows where it is located.


Download the printable HERE: What.You.Need.To

This is part of the “Treat Your Family Like Guests” series.

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