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Big Game Day Spirit Ideas

January 14, 2015

Pom pom and megaphone used for cheering on the team of choice - path included

When my daughter joined the Varsity team at her school this year, there were a few BIG games, especially because they went to the state play-offs and made it to the semi-finals.  I wanted to come up with something that would encourage the team – to let them know how excited we were to be in their cheering section.

These are not game-changing gifts, but they do matter.  It makes the players feel loved and valued, like someone is in their court.  The gifts also build team spirit and add to the growing excitement of the big day.

Here are 17 gift ideas that build team spirit:

1. Blow Away the Competition –

Make a tag and head to the dollar store for some Bazooka!



2. Hair Ties in School Colors –

Go to the fabric store and buy some stretchy elastic ribbon.  Cut into lengths, and knot, making a hair tie.  NOTE:  Cut them larger than you think.  They are a bit tricky to tie off if they are too short, and they won’t stay in the girls’ hair if they are small. When done correctly, these are darling!


I decorated a Mason jar in school colors, then put all of the hair ties in the jar.


Or for younger girls, try another look for team hair accessories (older girls tend to like the above look better) –  spirit ribbon tutorial.

3. Skor Big!  

You may have to order these candy bars online – some stores do not carry them.


4. Leave them in a twizzle!

And other great sayings on this blog.


5. Spirit Wands Wave your school pride!


6. Put together a team Subway Art using PicMonkey.

7. Make team water bottles or order them off Etsy.


8. Make or order personalized hairbrush paddles


9. Make or order personalized tumblers.


10. DIY game day shaker –

Use an empty plastic bottle and fill it with beads, confetti, and other small objects in school colors.


11. Personalized gatorades with a team spirit ribbon.


12. Use a gatorade and candy bars to send a message – Power Up and Be Grand!


12. Make Wordle Magnets for the team (have the teammates write words about the other players)


13. Make team buckets and have other parents fill them – great for lots of uses.


14. Who doesn’t like Orange Crush?  Crush the opponent!


15. Super cute idea for volleyball players – Dig it!

16. Tailgating with friends?  Try decorating with these tailgating team pom poms and other ideas.


17. Team Spirit Key Chains. You can order on Etsy.



Go over these helpful tips with your child:

How to be mentally prepared before a big game.

5 P’s for the Big Game – Help your child get some perspective.

Cheers to celebrating the small moments…

because these are the big moments!  

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