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June 8, 2020

We were in a remodel for much of the past year and for those of you who know that chaos, the kids’ rooms are often the last to be addressed. Especially with teen boys, they are usually pretty darn fine with a place to lay their head and eat their snacks.

But alas! We finally have some space and motivation to get these boys’ rooms dialed in once and for all. For each of the rooms we had some base pieces to work with: the beds, the bedding, lights, and a couple other items. I really like to utilize what is already there by painting it, refinishing it, or covering it, but we actually didn’t need to in this case.

The headboard we have is a rustic pine and I was able to pull in that warmth with the cognac pillow and desk top. I like pairing rustic with modern to make the room interesting, so we chose the sleek, black dresser and nightstand with modern pulls. The office chair pulls in both the black and the wood tones. I found two modern IKEA gray chairs with ottomans for a steal on FB Marketplace (score!), and one of those is going in here.

Overall, I’m really happy with the result of this room and more importantly, so is my son!

  1. PB Teen Bold Rugby Stripe Bedding – We had this already and it was a great inspiration piece for the rest of the room. Classic, masculine, neutral. Find the pillow shams here.
  2. Sputnik antique black and gold chandelier – Sputnik style lights add a modern element to a room and provide ample light.
  3. Rustic headboard – We already had this one, but I found a similar one for you on Wayfair that is inexpensive.
  4. Patterned Accent Rug – One of my favorite items in this room, the rug provides a beautiful accent and anchor to all of the other pieces, and it is reasonably priced.
  5. Black Dresser – A sleek and modern look to pair with the rustic headboard to make the room more interesting.
  6. Gray Curtain Panels from Hand & Hearth – the curtain panels add warmth, and the gray pin stripe keep it neutral and masculine.
  7. Cognac Lumbar Pillow – a cognac pillow elevates the style in any room.
  8. Desk Chair – what a great combination of warm wood tone and black, plus it is very comfortable and cushy.
  9. Laundry Basket – Thank you, Target, for always bringing function and style. This adds an industrial feel to the room and corals a lot of a teenage boy laundry.
  10. Nightstand – this is the same style as the dresser. While I don’t like all furniture pieces in a room to match, I do prefer to pair the dresser and nightstand.
  11. Modern Chair & Ottoman – This was my FB Marketplace find. Every once in a while something pops up that is exactly what I’m looking for at an amazing price. These are available on the IKEA website and even brand new are a fair price.
  12. Writing Desk – I just love the simplicity of this desk. It has a nice size writing / working space for your student!
  13. Basket – I love adding something made of rattan to a room for texture and interest. This McGee and Co one from Target is a great base for a plant.
  14. Faux Snake Plant – I love adding green to a room but the jury is still out whether my son will actually let me put this in there 🙂

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  1. Katie Slone says:

    I love this!!!! Do you havw a picture of your sons room all complete?!


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