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A Graduation Retreat – a special grad gift!

May 10, 2022

When my daughter was graduating from college, I wanted to do something unique. This is such a pivotal time in a young adult’s life. They are ending the predictable school year rhythm they’ve known, and are venturing into the unknown land of full time employment, graduate school, and even marriage for some.

I asked some of the other parents in my daughter’s friend group if they wanted to help bring a life coach in for a weekend retreat for our girls as their grad gift. They loved the idea. We decided to make it a surprise, but sent them an invite to “save the date.”

We did chose one of the young ladies to be in on the plan with us so she could help on the planning side with the group – that worked very well.

They arrived, got settled, and dove into the weekend with the coach guiding. Here were some of the elements we included:

  • Free time
  • Quiet journaling / reflective space
  • One on one life coaching
  • Teaching from the coach
  • Fun!
  • Great food & snacks
  • Small gifts

The girls each commented on how incredibly special the gift of time was right before their graduation. It gave them a chance to spend quality time together, reflect on their college experience and last days, and receive some helpful coaching as they looked towards the future.



I would highly recommend this to anyone who wants a unique, meaningful, and special gift for their high school or college graduate.

People often hire me to help them plan their special retreat / event or to come and be the speaker / coach. Reach out if you’d like more information! You can also message me on Instagram.

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  2. Alida Wolf says:

    I love this so muuch!

    • Krista says:

      Thank you Alida! It really was special. It turned out even better than I thought. Choosing the right person to guide for the weekend is key too. 🙂


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