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18 College Decision Coaching Questions For Your Senior

March 26, 2024

Is your child or student trying to decide where to go to college? These coaching questions will help your student clarify their thinking about what is most important when choosing a University.

This is one of the first very big decisions your child will make in his or her young adult life. These questions will not only help them decide where to go, but the process will also teach them how to process and think through an important choice.

Hudson, my third born, had already decided where he was going to college when we visited one more campus. As soon as he stepped on the grounds of Point Loma Nazarene University, I could feel the peaceful shift in him. This place felt like … home. There are some very practical factors that influence a college choice, but there are also the intangibles, those elements that can’t be measured in numbers or percentages. It’s how someone feels in a place – how they respond to it.

After the tour we went back to the hotel and did a coaching session on the bed of the hotel room. We talked through all of the elements of his decision. A couple of weeks later he did a “reveal” of his college choice – Point Loma.

My other son, Stetson, is a senior going through the process this year. He is split 50/50 between two great choices. Last week we were in Nashville visiting Belmont University. We also did a coaching session one night where I asked him all of these questions.


Though my senior is still undecided about his decision at the time of this writing, the questions helped him clarify his thinking about what is important to him. We wrote down all of his answers and he’s reviewing them this week as he continues to discern.


Another exercise I’m having him do is to “decide” on a school for a few days to see how it feels. It’s like trying on shoes, sometimes we have to walk around in them to know how they feel. I’m also having him do this with the other University he’s considering. He’ll spend a few days walking around in each decision.

I’d love to hear, what are some ways you help your child or student make their college decision?

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