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Reclaiming Home 31 Day Dare

Over the next five days we are going to take the five principles outlined in The Five Love Languages, and apply them to our families. I stumbled upon this book years ago, and it has transformed how I see and communicate love.  For those who have not read it, it argues that we all give [...]

I’ll never forget the first time I looked into my oldest’s eyes and saw a grieving heart.  She tried to hide the pain, but it spilled and overflowed like a flooding river unable to contain the rush of the spring thaw.  I wanted so badly to take the hurt away.  Isn’t that what we do, as [...]

Supper.  I’ve always loved that word.  Way more than dinner.  Dinner is boring.  But SUPPER – that conjures feelings of warm bread, hearty conversation, and lingering moments.  So, I say let’s go back to supper!  I’m going to start calling it that and see if anyone notices…. Let’s get really practical today.  While we know [...]

  Just a few minutes ago, I pushed the “send” button on a lifelong dream. I’ve always said I wanted to write a book on home and family, but actually doing it – putting pen to paper, sitting for long, long hours at a time, and getting a publishing contract was quite another matter.  In [...]

Traditions anchor us.  They offer something that money can never buy—security, roots, and a sense of belonging in the world.  Spinning a web of inter-connectedness in families and communities, they offer a valuable sense of identity. As we look at how to reclaim our homes, traditions may not seem at first glance to be a [...]

When I became a parent, I thought I would need the Jedi-Knight kind of courage.  I predicted battles with dark forces and negative influences of culture.  While this is true, and I often find myself in direct opposition to cultural norms, I have found that the greatest courage needed in parenting is simply the courage to be [...]

Calling everyone for dinner, I had them gather by the kitchen island as usual, but before they could get their food, everyone had to bust out in some DISCO FEVER!  What exactly is that?  Think Travolta in his white suit, finger pointed high in the air, hair slicked back… and disco rockin’ it! I used Le [...]

It’s 1am and I’m just sitting down to write this post.  You see, I have a teenager, and teenagers don’t always talk to you.  Theyare busy people, running to school, sports pactices, social events, friend’s houses, and keeping up on homework {and texting}. Mood also plays a part.  Teens let you into their world on [...]

I turned the corner to see a cup sitting on the counter with a tag hanging from it.  The cup said “Think Big” and the note read, “So so proud of you, Sis! Supporting and loving you all the way!”  My eyes filled up with tears.  I was half way through writing my book – [...]

Stiletto heels clicked loudly down the hall.  The woman tossed her leopard print shoulder bag over her shoulder, and glanced at me sideways.  “It hasn’t been easy,” she said.  “I know,” I replied.  The tall, self-assured executive was the kind of woman everyone watched at a distance.  She was smart, gorgeous, powerful and wealthy.  She [...]

Let’s do this journey together!

I am thankful and honored that you are allowing me to take a virtual seat in your home! I promise to give my best in adding value to your life through my blog. You will find mouth watering recipes, helpful tips, and intriguing ideas. We will also authentically discuss faith, family and living well.

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