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We are the difference makers. We impact those we raise, and the ripples reach far beyond our grasp, stretching into generations. We are the most important leaders, our influence setting our families on a course for good. The daily actions that seem so small, add up to mountains of deposits that build the very foundation on which children stand forever. We live by the truth that roots go deep when love is strong. It is for this reason that we gather at this virtual table. Let’s change the world by impacting our homes.

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Home is a family gathered around a worn wooden table, grandchildren jumping into the arms of their grandparents, your son snuggled up with you reading on the sofa, and your daughter stopping to hug you as she goes to set the Thanksgiving table.  It’s about the love we bring to a space and the relationships built there.  Take pictures of your family creating those invisible bonds and hashtag them…



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