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Christmas is all about hope, and our response to it.

It is God pouring into us by coming down.  And our response gets to be a pouring out to others around us in generous living.  We get to do that with our own families, in the communities in which we live, and around the world.

This little project is a way for us, as a sisterhood, to join together to spread the hope we have, and to encourage others in love, celebration, and connection this Christmas season.  At the same time, we are getting to share each other with the world by collaborating on this as a group.

What it is:  We are creating one of those old-fashioned paper link chains together.  Kids love to have something tangible to do during the holidays.  Each day the family draws an activity that takes 15 min. or less, and “hooks” it onto the chain using glue. Easy, tangible, fun.

What you can do with it:  You can use it in your own family for creating holiday fun.  You can also give it away as a gift to your newsletter subscribers, offer it as an incentive, or make a few up and do a giveaway.


**Note – these instructions may seem a little complicated to read, but honestly this is the easiest project ever.  All you are doing is submitting 3 ideas that take 15 min or less and Crystal does everything else for you.  It’s my kind of project (minimal time required)!

Here are the steps for The Hope Chain Project:

  1. Decide whether or not to be a part of the project.  Only the first ones who sign up get to participate.  There is a $25 cost for each participant for the design fee.  These are being professionally designed to fit your own blog and style (see note further below on what you will receive).
  2. Decide on a family tradition or idea to submit.  For a unique angle on this project, I think we should try to make these simple and something families could do in 15 min. or less.  Of course they can take longer if they want, but that will set us apart from the other advent activities out there.  Many of them require a lot of time to complete.  I’d like to see ours as being more do-able for busy families.
  3. Submit your name and website to put on the paper.  If you want a book title listed, or any other information, put that also.
  4. Plan to post on your blog about The Hope Chain on Thanksgiving Day.KG_RHh_RingsBack_ex_th





When you join in, you will receive….

  1. A link on the chain with your idea, your name, and website.
  2. Each blogger is going to have her own chain that matches their style of choice.  Every chain will have the same type (with the traditions and bloggers listed), but the chain front design will be unique. For example, on my website I will have a design in gold, teal, and off white that “kind of” goes with my book, Reclaiming Home.  You may choose red and white.  Your chain would be made with a red and white design.  But, like I said, both of our texts will be the same.This is a TON TON TON of work for my incredible designer, Crystal of New Shop Design, who was the brainchild behind this idea in the first place – hence, the fee of $25.  Which is a total bargain if you ask me!!!!!!!You need to pick a color palette for her to work with on and submit it with your idea.
  3. A blogger collage to include at the end of your post, linking to all bloggers that join in.  This will  draw great traffic to your various sites – and how awesome to get to support each other like this!
  4. Post images (like the above examples) to use in your post when you offer your unique chain.


*Due to time restriction (Thanksgiving), there are no revisions available.  Please read the detailed notes and (if needed) refer to them as you fill in the form below. 


Form Notes:

*1. Color Palette Choice : Use to find the perfect color palette for your front page. Find one that will match your home decor, blog design, book cover, etc. Copy + paste the url to your palette choice.

*2. Patterns to Choose From :


*3. Tradition / Idea – Please submit three family tradition ideas that will take 15 minutes or less to complete, we will use the best ones that will fit in with all of the ideas submitted.

*4. Signature Name – Your name, blog name, and any other info. you want, max of 40 characters. This will be displayed under your tradition / idea.

*5. Signature Link – The URL to list next to your name, max of 40 characters.


All entries will be reviewed for authenticity before approval. Once approved, a link will be sent from New Shop Design to complete payment.

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