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"Sir, put your hands down," the voice said through a loud speaker as my husband and daughter careened through the air on a giant pirate ship.  Throwing back their heads, laughter burst between them as they continued waving their hands wildly in the air. "Sir, I mean it.  Stop doing that or you will not Read More

  "You gotta find joy in the journey, right, Krista?" he said, eyes twinkling.  Grabbing his wife, Traci's, hand they made their way through the restaurant and sat down for their lunch date.  Rodney is the care pastor at our church.  He is also a grief specialist.  He steps into people's hurt in a most Read More

One of my favorite toys as a child was the slinky.  I'd spend hours sending it climbing down stairs with the familiar slink, slink, slink sound.  The way the rounded wires bent and danced through the air captivated me. As parents, I think of how opposite we are from the Slinky.  Rigid in our rules Read More

“Children in other countries would be happy to have this for dinner,” I heard my daughter say to her brother.  She was bothered by his lack of gratitude.  In the next breath she complained that her phone wasn’t working right and what an inconvenience it is for her. It is easy to see the ingratitude Read More

I jumped in the car the other morning, my mind whirling with details.  When a mom leaves home, even if only for a few days, there is total chaos.  It reminds me of just how much I do on a daily basis.  I know where everyone is supposed to be, and when.  I know who Read More

There is one trait that will revolutionize your relationships-- humility.  And yet, it is often what we turn to last. Why is being right, or justified, so important to us?  So we can win?  So we can appear smart? So we can be better than someone else?  We must ask why it matters to us Read More

Some of us have bigger mouths than others.  Have you ever said something and then found yourself wanting to reel the words back in and pretend they never escaped your mouth?  This just happened to me yesterday.  Sometimes I speak before thinking (the curse of the extrovert)! But the upside to being a talker is Read More

When my mom comes over to my house she does all of the laundry while we talk.  Or, she starts washing the dishes, or grabs a broom.  The quality time girl in me wants her to be still and simply talk.   But the acts of service girl in her want to do something practical to Read More

Gifts are not just for Christmas and birthdays. To people with this love language,  gifts are a way of life, or more specifically, a way of love.  The size, price, and nature of the gift is not important, but rather, the thought behind the gift is paramount. For example, I just visited a very dear friend Read More

The quality time love language is exactly as it sounds – spending quality time together!  I call this one the high maintenance love language (and it’s mine, so I’m calling myself that). Why? Because it requires T-I-M-E.  No shortcuts here.  There needs to be an investment of the self. Undivided attention is the key to Read More

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