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I will be praying for you until we talk. The words jumped off the page as I read them on the message thread.   Why is she going to pray for me? I thought. Sure, it was very kind, but there was something deep inside of me that knew it was more than simply a [...]

The powder was deep and the snow light.  My dad grew up ski racing in leather boots with wooden boards.  His perfect S- turns reflected his history.  Though older, there wasn’t anything he couldn’t ski well.  My mom followed him down the double black diamond, as she always did.  Mom didn’t start skiing until she [...]

“I want to ski race,” I blurted out suddenly. My parents looked at one another, then at me. The problem did not rest on my ability to ski, but with my age.  By 8th grade most kids were cresting prime racing form, and I would be just starting.  Typical of my parents, a yes flew [...]

There was a time when my youngest son couldn’t see beyond 10 inches in front of his face. Day after day we would practice flash cards. I would hold up “F,” he would tell me it was an “A.” I would hold up “D-D-D dinosaur” he would say, “O-O-O octopus.” The more we practiced, the more he guessed. [...]

the best essay writing service She stood by the sink, small and wrinkled, her stark white hair hanging in a ponytail down her back. Carefully examining every bean, Paulina prided herself on making the quintessential pico de gallo.  It was her daily task, and one that crowded the majority of her minutes. I perched on [...]

I stood next to her as the stage lights blared into our eyes.  Hours before we had been cast in “A Chorus Line” at our college, and we waited patiently as the director lined us up.  Big, glacier blue eyes smiled at me as I introduced myself. Elegant, mysterious, and soft-spoken, Alex was a contrast [...]

At the exact minute class was to begin, a woman bounced through the door wearing a bright red pencil skirt and matching blazer. Her brown curls danced in a waltz on her head. I wondered if she was a guest speaker. Teachers did not dress this way, and they certainly didn’t wear red lipstick. Looking up, [...]

As my fingers tap the keys, one of my dear, treasured friends is in the hospital for brain aneurisms.  Last monday she went in to the Doctor after having strange symptoms in her head.  On wednesday she underwent dangerous brain surgery. Miraculously, the two aneurisms in her brain did not burst.  It was a gut-wrenching process.  Tonight we [...]

8th grade P.E. class brought fresh revelation.  We were instructed to run around the track one time.  Returning to the starting line, one by one Mrs. McDonald put on 10lb. chain belt around our waists. “Now run again!” she hollered. The extra weight was surprisingly difficult to carry.  We’d barely made it a quarter of the [...]

I was dragging on the tread mill this morning at a hotel, not having slept well.  I decided to cut my run by 10 min. and cut myself some slack, but when I got to the shortened time, I felt nudged to keep going. My body was telling me to stop, but my brain declared [...]

Let’s do this journey together!

I am thankful and honored that you are allowing me to take a virtual seat in your home! I promise to give my best in adding value to your life through my blog. You will find mouth watering recipes, helpful tips, and intriguing ideas. We will also authentically discuss faith, family and living well.

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